When you reach out and touch another human being, it doesn’t matter whether you call it therapy, teaching or poetry.
— Audrey Lorde

Body psychotherapy is a transformative process of bodywork, psychotherapy, spirituality, self-development and healing that works with the whole of you - body, mind and spirit - to help you expand and open up your life.  It uses a blend of deep touch, breathwork, movement, gestalt dialogue process (role play) and creative expression, along with shamanic journeying, drumming and dreamwork. These therapeutic, creative and spiritual processes help you make deep contact with yourself, enabling you to release emotional blockages and areas of tension and constraint in your body.  It is calming and energising, soulful, creative and playful, empowering you to be more free, alive and expressive and more peaceful and centred within.

Body psychotherapy views the mind and body as interconnected and sees us as embodied beings living life on a mental, emotional, physical, sensory and feeling level. Our life is then a body-mind experience through which we express ourselves, and everything we think, feel or do is stored in the cellular memory of our body.  Whatever you are dealing with, body psychotherapy will address the whole of you from the awareness that it is all a disconnection from your deepest Self that has resonance in the body.

What you might get from Body Pyschotherapy

Body psychotherapy brings a greater sense of freedom and more openness and aliveness.  It helps you reconnect with the parts of you that may have been shut down and suppressed, and bring them into being.  You may discover:

  • your wise, intuitive self
  • your creative, playful self
  • your loving, gentle self
  • your peaceful, sacred self
  • your passionate, sensual self
  • the self that experiences joy and pleasure, or
  • the self that is powerfully expressive and knows your rightful place in the world.

Coming more fully into your body and reclaiming these disowned parts helps you become more deeply connected to life and more deeply connected to yourself, bringing peace, centeredness, stillness, inner awareness, and a reawakening of passion, joy, creativity, self-expression and aliveness.