The Body's Wisdom

“The body remembers, the bones remember, the joints remember, even the little finger remembers. Memory is lodged in pictures and feelings in the cells themselves. Like a sponge filled with water, anywhere the flesh is pressed, wrung, even touched lightly, a memory may flow out in a stream.”
— Clarissa Pinkola Estes

At birth every cell of your body is alive and vibrates with pure consciousness.  As you mature, your experiences leave their subtle imprint in the cellular structure of your body. These body memories play out unconscious stories and self-limiting beliefs that keep you tied to past events, which though long gone, may still affect your life and the choices you make. 

Unresolved feelings of rage and anger, shame, guilt or grief, if not given space for expression, manifest as distortions in the body. These show in your posture and alignment, through the way you move, stand, sit and breathe.  Over time these energy imbalances and psychological blockages can lead to physical illness, bodily aches, pain or disease, as well as mental and emotional pain and suffering.

Aches and pains, muscular tension, headache, illness, disease, are all ways your body shows that you are out of balance. You may be stooped in shame, bent with burden and responsibility, stiff with tension, stress and anxiety, with a body that has become rigid, hardened and worn and filled with stuck energy from childhood wounding.  

As you respond to life through your body you may have tension in your belly when you’re anxious or fearful, or in the face of danger - perceived or real - your muscles may tense and you may be unable to move forward or be effective. 

These automatic, neurological body reactions often stem from childhood experiences of stress and trauma that happened at a time when the child didn’t have the language or emotional capacity to articulate their experience or needs.  Over time, if unattended to, you may lose your softness, spontaneity and aliveness as pain hardens in your body.

On an emotional level you may feel sad, lonely, depressed, unfulfilled, powerless, stuck, anxious or ineffective; or you may struggle with addictions, be disconnected, angry or rageful. And even if your life appears successful it may come at the cost of being overworked, stressed, overly ambitious or relentlessly driven, leading to disconnection from self, disconnected relationships, unhappiness in your career, and any myriad of ways your past plays out in you.  As you submit to a sense of unworthiness, you may give up on life, settle for less, shut down your hopes and dreams, unable to reach your full potential or express your most powerful and creative self.

 How Body Psychotherapy Can Help

Body psychotherapy is an integrative process of bodywork, psychotherapy, spirituality, self-development and healing that works with the whole of you - body, mind and spirit - to help you expand and open up your life.  It uses a blend of deep touch, breathwork, movement, gestalt dialogue process (role play) and creative expression, along with shamanic journeying, drumming and dreamwork. These therapeutic, creative and spiritual processes help you make deep contact with yourself, enabling you to release emotional blockages and areas of tension and constraint in your body.  It is calming and energising, soulful, creative and playful, empowering you to be more free, alive and expressive and more peaceful and centred within. Whatever you are dealing with, body psychotherapy will address the whole of you from the awareness that it is all a disconnection from your deepest Self that has resonance in the body.

Body psychotherapy brings together a number of body-centered healing modalities - Deep Bodywork, Postural Integration and Embodied Relational Therapy - forms of Reichian body psychotherapy which draw on the work of Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen.  It includes more recent developments by Jack Painter and Silke Ziehl and incorporates modern psychotherapeutic and creative processes drawn from Gestalt Therapy, Rolfing, Accupressure and movement awareness. These are updated with contemporary insights from brain and neurological research and relational and trauma work, making the work very relevant to the stresses and challenges faced in today’s world.

Body psychotherapy works with the whole person to help you get in touch with those parts of yourself that have limited you.  Giving them voice and allowing them to tell their story brings transformation and helps you reconnect with the more powerful parts of you that may have been shut down and suppressed. 

You may discover,

  • Your wise, intuitive self

  • Your creative, playful self

  • Your loving, gentle self

  • Your peaceful, sacred self

  • Your passionate, sensual self

  • The self that experiences joy and pleasure, and

  • The self that is powerfully expressive and knows your rightful place in the world

Coming more fully into your body and reclaiming these disowned parts can help you become more deeply connected to life and more deeply connected to yourself, bringing, 

peace * centredness * balance * stillness * inner awareness

a reawakening of passion * joy * creativity * self-expression

and aliveness.