Your inner fire energy is your vitality, spontaneity creativity and life force. It is the part of you that says yes to life. When you can say yes in one area, it creates an opening for new energy, new ideas and new inspiration in other areas.
— Denise Linn

Body psychotherapy provides a safe and confidential space for you to step away from the noise of the outside world and focus on your healing and development. It is a space where you can bring any challenging life issues you may be dealing with and find new ways to move beyond them.  It enables you to give voice to the body and gain deep understanding about yourself and your life, and become more attuned to your inner wisdom.  Listening deeply to the body can help you know more about yourself and understand the choices you have made in life that prevented you from living fully.  It is an opportunity for you to connect body, heart and soul, and learn the ways of being that can lead towards greater fulfillment.

Each session is a space of self-discovery where you learn to let go the things that constrain you and reach deeper within yourself to reconnect with your innate wisdom and power.

At all times you will be held with empathy, care and understanding and listened to with sensitivity and non-judgement.

Honouring the Sacred

Each session offers you a safe and confidential space to focus on your personal growth and healing. I welcome all that you bring, the accepted and more painful parts, which are all sacred, and any life issues that have meaning to you. The work is relational, focusing on developing our relationship of trust and understanding, while working respectfully in a way that honours you. I give you my full attention while holding strong boundaries, and encourage you to step into your full power by giving you the right to decide what feels right for you.  At times I may challenge you to go beyond the limits you have set for yourself, but at no time are you ever expected to do anything that feels uncomfortable.

On first meeting we take some time to talk and get to know each other and you are free to ask me anything you need to know about me and my work.  I also invite you to share your life story and what has brought you to see me, and there is time for hands on bodywork, if that feels comfortable for you.

Responding to your body's rhythm

Photo by CraigSwatton/iStock / Getty Images

During ongoing sessions we explore your life issues through a variety of psychotherapeutic, somatic (bodywork) and creative methods and I draw your awareness to the physical tensions and inner sensations of your body.  We may use breathwork, movement, anger release, role play, voicework, creative expression or shamanic healing methods to explore what you are dealing with, and talk as a way of integrating your feelings.  Underlying feelings of shame, sadness, grief, fear, anger or rage may come up, and there is space for all of this to be experienced and let go.  I work intuitively, responding to what your body calls for.  At times I may use deep touch, long massage strokes, gentle strokes, stretching and elongation of muscles, or simply holding and rocking the body. This allows for an opening up of energetic pathways, and a freeing up of energy.

Throughout the session I remain curious and attentive to what is happening in the moment, observing subtle shifts in energy, and changes in your body positioning and alignment.  Together we explore those aspects of self that may have been hidden to you and new ways of being which empower you to move forward.  The work is sometimes gentle and flowing, sometimes powerful and intense, as we meet together in a flow of movement and energy that responds to your body’s rhythm.

Expansive, freeing and energising

Each session may reveal something new and unexpected, as touch opens up memories long forgotten; or the subtle movement of your hand takes you into grief or rage; or a gentle flow of breath from deep inside your belly opens up an expression of joy and a remembering that what was seen as a painful past had moments of goodness in it.

Sometimes it may be challenging, while at other times it may be easy and flowing.  It is expansive, freeing and energising, gentle, calming and soft, opening up your capacity for pleasure, aliveness, stillness, deep inner centredness, and a greater sense of wholeness.

Our time together is co-creation where I hold the space for you to explore and we create the journey together in full empowerment. This gives you freedom to move beyond pain and limitation and let go the things that have held you back from living your life fully.

Exploring my body with Paula filled my life with dancing energy and a longing to create, and today I am dancing with excitement, wonder and grace at my expanding life.
— Louise, personal assistant