About Me

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Hello, I'm Paula.

I am a body psychotherapist and workshop facilitator working with individuals and groups. I’m also a poet, writer and artist and run workshops on earth and body wisdom, creativity and self-expression in England, Europe and the Caribbean. I'm passionate about spirituality, healing and all forms of creative expression, from poetry, music and dance, to art and the creative force of nature, and I love connecting with people. What I love about Embodyment is my relationship with my clients. Being witness to their process and seeing them open and expand into the greatness of themselves is fulfilling to me. I am committed to supporting others in learning to reconnect with their body in loving and healthy ways and live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

I have worked with men and women dealing with a range of issues, from stress, anxiety and depression, to career and relationship issues, lack of fulfilment, drug addiction, eating disorders and homelessness.  At the core I have found that everyone has a need to be seen and understood and to be held and loved unconditionally; and everyone is seeking to find that spark of inner light that expresses who they truly are at the core of their being.  My work is to support you to reconnect with your power and innate potential, and help you gain a deeper awareness of the aspects of self which are enriching and empowering and can lead to greater wholeness.

My work has been guided by many teachers who embody the spirit of service and contribution and a commitment to supporting others in their growth and development.  I was trained by Silke Ziehl at Entelia Institute at the Open Centre in London, whose warmth and compassionate femininity taught me about gentleness, honouring the other with love and respect, and the sacredness of the body.  By Jack Painter who taught me that bodies that are given space to breath fully become alive and active.  And Nick Totton whose guiding wisdom draws on the healing potential of relatonship and gives space for the wild instinctive parts of self to be in full communion with nature. Most recently I trained with Dirk Mariovoet, Bernhard Schlage and Elisabeth Renner in Germany and have gained immensely from their experience and vast knowledge about the body.

I completed a four-year training in Deep Bodywork and Postural Integration® and a one year apprenticeship in Group Process Work at Entelia Institute at The Open Centre in London under the guidance of Silke Ziehl.  I have also done advanced postural integration training with the late Jack Painter, and training in Embodied Relational Therapy with Nick Totton.  I am a certified practitioner of Deep Bodywork (Entelia Institute, London and Munich) and a Postural Integration® Practitioner (International Centre for Release and Integration, Mill Valley, California, USA), and have a diploma in Embodied Relational Therapy. 

I am currently a staff member at the Institute for Bodymind Integration in Belgium, helping to train a new generation of body psychotherapists and postural integration practitioners throughout Europe.  http://www.bodypsychotherapy.info/en/bodymind-integration-psychotherapy-training/