Exploring my body with Paula filled my life with dancing energy and a longing to create, and today I am dancing with excitement, wonder and grace at my expanding life.  Being in contact with my body helped me find the courage to listen to my inner wisdom, allowing my body to lead the way and tell my story.  When I first began working with Paula I spoke with a timid, apologetic voice about the hugeness of my creative needs.  Paula held me gently, validated me and encouraged me to dance.  She danced alongside me when I was afraid and I got to experience saying Yes! to life with passion and intensity.

Paula provided a space where the wildness of my dance was held and encouraged as were my moments of quiet movement.  During sessions I was free to laugh and cry and rage about my stifled creativity, which helped me let go the restrictions I’d placed on myself.

My passion is to express myself through movement, to be with my creativity and live and work with dance, and working with Paula has shown me that despite my fears I can fully embrace all of this.


I began working with Paula as I had secrets about my life that I wanted to explore. My heart was blocked and my back felt numb and I knew that this was stopping me moving forward. I needed help to excavate the ruins of my life and someone who would listen and help me understand why it had been the way it was.

I am a kinaesthetic person, my body seems to be more knowing than my mind, and it was telling a sad story. I had also worked with voice and movement, so I understood that the blocks in my body were reflective of my past.

Before I began bodywork with Paula I was very defensive and on full alert, not trusting anyone, but after working with her over a period of nine months I now have softer edges.

Paula created a loving, nurturing space which felt safe and timeless. She had clear boundaries and was very present to me. It felt like she was on the journey with me, holding my hand, supporting me, and nothing was off limits. I liked that she allowed me to be real with what was going on for me. At times I expressed negative feelings yet I felt fully accepted by her.

Wishing you great happiness Paula, you’re a very gifted woman!


When I first came to see Paula, I was suffering with painful sore throats and felt stifled and blocked.  I was very shut down, scared and unable to speak freely and I had no idea what had caused this.  Paula was very gentle and encouraged me to work at a pace that felt safe for me.  She used deep strokes on my upper body which opened my throat releasing years of constriction.  For the first time in years I found my voice and was able to shout and express my longings.  Now I can speak up for myself, which is new experience for me. 

Paula, thank you, you are brilliant.


My first session with Paula was relaxing, soothing and peaceful. I felt like I could sleep afterwards and had my first good night’s sleep in a long time. I felt physically lighter and much freer in myself.