Who is it for

There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.
— Friedrich Nietzsche

Body psychotherapy is for men and women who are dealing with issues they find hard to overcome and who are willing to do the work of self-exploration required to understand what has caused this and what is necesssary for things to change.  You may have challenges at work, relationship difficulties, blocked creativity or disatisfaction with your life and career choices. 

There may be physical problems like headache or backache, which is painful and restricts freedom and movement, or you may have recurring emotional problems and deep seated issues which require time to explore in order to gain insight as to how your past has influenced this. 

It is also there for those who simply wish to know more about themselves as a process of self-development and are open to the knowledge and self-awareness that Embodyment can bring. 

Some of the issues that body psychotherapy can help with are:

Physical Issues

* Muscular tension

* Aches and pains in your body

* Headache and migraine

* Backache

* Recurring illness

* Period pains

* Fibroids

* Other gynaecological issues


Emotional Issues

* Trauma

* Addictions

* Compulsive disorders

* Anxiety and Stress

* Depression

* Anger issues

* Feelings of hopelessness

* Relationship issues

* Sexuality issues

Life challenges

* Grief and bereavement

* Lethargy and inertia

* Lack of fulfilment

* Feeling stuck

* Change and transition

* Creative blocks

* Repeating life patterns


Some of the benefits you might experience are:


* Getting clear on issues that previously felt stuck and confusing

* Freedom and release from painful memories and emotions

* A deeper understanding of yourself and your life

* Resolution of the past

* Improved relationships

* Improved quality of life

* More confidence and self-assurance

* A greater sense of balance and wellbeing

* Becoming more centred and grounded

* The ability to be calm and steady in the face of life challenges

* More freedom and ease in your body

* More energy and aliveness

* Increased vitality and passion for life

* Happiness, contentment and peace

* Laughter, playfulness and fun

* Joy and pleasure

* Greater creativity and self-expression

* Deeper intuition and wisdom

* More clarity in knowing what is right for you

* Courage to go out and create the kind of life you want

* The ability to make more powerful life choices and express yourself more powerfully in the world